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Sky is not the limit...

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An aerial picture of a town at night


Aerials by Pixart gives a new dimension in our photography and cinematography services.

Our goal is to bring to our customers a whole new experience, with innovative images that would make every project excell.

Equipped with top notch and latest technology drones, we could provide our services in the most demanding projects, giving you the best results technically and aesthetically. 

aerials more
An aerial picture of a seashore


Aerials by Pixart provides you with a handful of innovative services, for a variety of different needs. 

Drones are one of the great technological success stories of the 21st century so far. The phenomenal rise in drone usage has led to the development of ever more sophisticated software, among which is 3D mapping software.
Drone mapping has HUGE potential for a number of sectors including construction, agriculture, mining, infrastructure inspection and real estate. Having a clear, accurate photograph or 3D model of your project area, complete with measurements, is advantageous in terms of decision-making.

Other than 3D modelling potentials , our new drone technologies could provide you with much more innovative technologies like aerial live streaming , aerial timelapses and hyperlapses for top notch video presentations of your company, real estate, or event.

And of course last but not least, with our aerial services we can give you a whole new experience at your wedding coverage.

A 3D mapping image example
Another 3d mapping image
Another 3d mapping image
An aerial image of a Cafe at a rooftop
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